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Bankruptcy in Big Sky: Mile High Clubs in Trouble

Sheridan — In the past year, the west has watch with grim fascination as some of the Rocky Mountain’s poshest resorts have careened down the black-diamond slope.

The Yellowstone Club of Big Sky, Montana provides the most spectacular example.

Prospective …

Bears by the Numbers, Keeping Tabs on Our Bruins

Casper — Ever since that day in 1961 that the Craighead brothers, Frank and John, placed a radio collar around the neck of Marian, a female grizzly bear, bear biologists have formally designated bears with numbers.

Marian was No. 40 …

Misguided Midnight Madness: Interior's Oil Shale Revival

Casper — Watching Wyoming voters line up out the polling-place doors earlier this month, in lusty support of the “drill baby drill” philosophy of natural resource management, one recalls the bumper sticker prayer from our economically stagnant 1980s and 90s: …

Yellowstone, Teton Plan Reduces Snowmobiles in Park

Photo Credit: Jim Peaco

Casper — With the winter season closing in and Wyoming snow outfitters in limbo, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park officials unveiled a temporary winter use plan that lowers daily snowmobile numbers by more than 40 …