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Second Saturday Scotch Tasting: Connoisseurs of Scotch whisky gather in remote Atlantic City to sip and discuss

The monthly “Second Saturday” scotch tasting in the Miner’s Delight Inn Bed and Breakfast in Atlantic City has steadily fermented into the rhythm of cultural life in the greater Lander region. You can walk into the Two-Bit Cowboy Saloon knowing next to nothing about scotch whisky, and walk out knowing the difference between a Bunnahabhain and a Dalwhinnie.

WyoFile's Cold Snap Champ

WyoFile was floored with the amazing photography sent in to the 2011 Cold Snap Challenge. Picking a winner wasn’t easy, but it happened:

"Bison Caravan" — Dewey Vanderhoff

Born, raised and currently living in Cody, Wyoming, Dewey Vanderhoff has worked …

WyoFile's Cold Snap Challenge

WyoFile is seeking compelling photography of wintertime in Wyoming. We're looking for people, scenery, wildlife or whatever you and your camera come across.

Landing a Land Transaction

A Wyoming congressional representative is trying to resurrect a federal land sale act to reduce the budget deficit and help the National Park Service end a long quest to capture a Grand Teton inholding.

The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act …