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China’s rare earth role

Today, China delivers 97 percent of the world’s rare earth elements and uses 60 percent to 70 percent. How it came to monopolize the rare earth supply chain is a complex story.

Water Pipeline Permitting is no Easy Task

Experts say Aaron Million's pipeline project won't begin construction any time soon, not before weaving through a wealth of legal obstacles and obtaining permission from a slew of different agencies.

A Reluctant Move Away from Coal

Scores of new coal-fired power plants that were being planned across the nation six or seven years ago have mostly been shelved. Last year alone, utilities and power-generating companies dropped plans to build 38 coal plants, according to the Sierra Club, while announcing they would retire 48 aging, inefficient ones. Stepping into the void is natural gas and renewables. Utilities have also more aggressively embraced demand-side management strategies to bend down the growth curve.