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Wyoming Billionaire Backs Santorum

Friess has made national headlines in recent weeks thanks to his contributions to a super PAC that supports Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Friess is the main benefactor of the Red White and Blue Fund, which spent $537,000 on ads to help the Pennsylvanian Republican win the Iowa caucuses.

Raymond Plank: Hitting a Gusher With His Philanthropy

Raymond Plank has had a colorful past: Yale graduate, WW2 fighter pilot and the billionaire founder of a energy corporation. But as he prepares to turn 90 in May, Plank’s focus has shifted to his philanthropic legacy.

Approaches to Safety

Few outdoor-recreation organizations have a finer reputation for safety and professionalism than the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Even so, the Lander-based nonprofit notched a sad milestone in September—its 12th death in the wilderness-education school’s 46-year history. Tom Plotkin, a …