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Tales of I-80: Heading Home

About half an hour outside Laramie it starts to snow, hard. Soon we're in a white-out with a semi-truck about two inches from our rear bumper and another maybe a foot in front of us. But who can tell? We can’t see a thing. Nada. We are surely about to be crushed alive between two semis from hell.

"Did You Hear About Wyoming’s Film Woes?"

By Laton McCartney

New York, NY __The just-released movie “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” is supposed to be set in Wyoming.  The ever-hopeful Wyoming Film Office, the bureau that tries to attract lucrative Hollywood projects to the state, desperately …

Feds Gone Wild

On a cold, blustery January 28, 2009, the newly appointed Secretary of the Interior of the United States, Ken SalazarWith him were two men: Interior’s Inspector General Earl Devaney, a former Secret Service agent and police officer, and Salazar’s chief of staff Tom Strickland, the former U.S. attorney for Colorado.