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Search for Lost Teton Skiers Cost $115,000

America’s national parks have a tradition of coming to the rescue of visitors in trouble and recovering the bodies of those who die on park grounds. In 2009, the most recent year for which national records are available, Park Service workers conducted 3,568 search and rescues that cost a total of more than $4.8 million. In light of the national budget crisis, some parks are exploring the idea of charging additional “special use” fees for particularly hazardous adventures.

Tales of I-80: Hydroplaning Semis

By far my most terrifying I-80 moment came not in winter but in late August a few years ago in the desert badlands east of Evanston. I was traveling to California with my wife, two kids, Indian pariah dog and Chinese cat. A sudden deluge unloaded on the treeless moonscape as we descended the Bigelow Bench at about mileage marker 28. The heavy rain turned the highway slick and reduced visibility to almost nothing.

Gov Seeks Fed Royalty Program Accounting

Gov. Dave Freudenthal has asked the federal Minerals Management Service to let the state conduct an audit of three years of natural gas royalties collected under the controversial federal Royalty-in-Kind program.

Gov Mulls RIK Audit

Gov. Dave Freudenthal -Photo Courtesy Governor's Office

Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal  is considering an audit of the state’s share of a controversial  federal gas Royalty in Kind program that paid the state $290-million in  fiscal year 2007-08, WyoFile has learned.…

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal on Royalty in Kind

(Telephone Interview with WyoFile editor Rone Tempest, June 3,2009)

WyoFile: On October 6, 2005, the then Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners (Gov. Freudenthal; Treasurer Cynthia Lummis; Sec. of State Joseph Meyer; Auditor Max Maxfield and Supt.  Of Public Instruction Jim …