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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The Holidays are a time of great temptation and relaxation. They are a challenge for anyone trying to mind the roll around the middle. When you are eating out or at someone else’s house, stick to your nutritional plan. Get tough and use your willpower.

Staying Fit On The Road

Working out when traveling is a huge chore. We all leave town with the best intentions, but when it comes time to hit the hotel weight room, there’s always something good on TV.

Stick to the Plan

Effective workouts are not the sum of the exercises performed. A great workout is truly built like a recipe, a balance of several ingredients.

Sugar Daddy

Face it, your diet sucks. You drink too many calories, your dinner portions are too large, and a “handful” of chips is really half a bag. You may even be starving half the day. The problem is you’re eating the wrong stuff.

You Don't Need A Gym

It’s now well-established that resistance training is of benefit to most of us; it’s no longer the realm of professional athletes and strongmen. But to think you’ve got to run out and join a gym is taking it too far. Gyms are convenient, provide focus, and can provide some level of inspiration, but they are not necessary.

Squats are Good

There are myriad fallacies about fitness floating around out there, but one of the most prevalent is that squats are bad for your knees. There are plenty of exercises that have been shown to be very damaging to knees, jumping and running and explosive movments for example, but the full squat exercise is not.

Poverty of Flesh: Age-Related Decline in Strength

As we age, things become more difficult. We have more responsibilities, greater stresses, and the time seems to fly by. Add to this that our immune systems are weaker and our metabolisms slower, and life starts to be a really challenging ride. One of the greatest challenges an adult faces late in life is "sarcopenia," a fairly recent neologism, meaning "poverty of flesh," that describes an unhappy natural process. Starting in our late 20s, we lose an average of a little under 1 percent of our muscle mass per year.

Post-Exercise Nutrition

Recovery nutrition has been called the "most important factor in improved performance." The better you can refuel your muscles, the quicker they'll be ready to train next time. Athletes are best able to digest and process replenishing foods within 15-60 minutes after exercise, a time period referred to as the "recovery (or glycogen) window."

Nutrition During Exercise

Some athletes don't feel the need to fuel during sessions of an hour or less. For most exercisers, our workouts all fall within this range. But for those training more than an hour at a time, or those training at extreme intensities, good fueling ensures the performance stays high.

What's With Kettlebells?

Originally used as counter-weights in Russian markets, the kettlebell first became popular as an exercise tool around 300 years ago. A hundred years ago, the strongmen of the day regularly used them in training and performance. They remained in common use for several years, but saw a substantial drop in popularity in this country concurrent with the rise of machine training.