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Current openings

WyoFile Executive Editor

This exciting opportunity calls for a savvy journalist who would enjoy providing both editorial direction and organizational leadership for a policy and politics-oriented non-profit news site dedicated to covering Wyoming, where news is still fun, important and appreciated. This job is intended to be 70% editorial, 30% business, 100% organizational leadership.


  • Leading a non-profit, public interest news outfit in America’s least-populated flyover state
  • Overseeing the organization’s editorial and business staff
  • Overseeing  the content and news strategy for a non-profit website, newsletter and social media
  • Taking a data-driven approach to growing audience, donor support and engagement
  • Attending board meetings and working with the board of directors and financial staff to develop and implement budgets and fundraising goals
  • Participating in donor relations and fundraising efforts

To succeed in this position you must:

  • Be a proven leader who others want to follow
  • Have experience and understanding of the policies and people of the Mountain West, preferably Wyoming
  • Understand public policy and government
  • Have sharp news reporting and editing acumen
  • Be capable of, and enjoy, using online analytical metrics to chase the goals of public interest journalism

This senior leadership position will report directly to the board of directors.

Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

WyoFile Community Engagement Manager

This outgoing and well-organized outreach manager will lead Wyoming’s top non-profit public-interest news website to consolidate and grow its community base. The core of the job is looking after and developing our most engaged readers — the donors who are vital to the health of the organization.


  • Acknowledge and engage WyoFile’s core supporters to ensure the ongoing financial health of the organization through strategic fund-raising
  • Nurture the community of WyoFile readers
  • Manage all social media to ensure that WyoFile is strategically visible and engaged
  • Set up meetings with potential significant donors or foundations for Executive Editor and board members
  • Provide social media and communication support for scheduled fund-raising campaigns
  • Report on social media and other engagement metrics in order to inform organizational goals
  • Identify potential underwriting sponsorship opportunities to share with WyoFile’s sponsorship partner
  • Organize and present at WyoFile public events
  • Help the WyoFile Operations Manager write grant proposals and develop new foundation relationships

To succeed in this position you must:

  • Embrace and define a unique career opportunity that is outside the box and essential to growing our non-profit organization
  • Enjoy meeting a wide variety of people with an enthusiasm that is as evident in person as online
  • Travel a big beautiful state on a regular basis
  • Cultivate a strong, professional social media presence
  • Use imagination and cultivate news judgment in the use of social media to find new WyoFile audiences

This position reports to the WyoFile Executive Editor.

Please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].

WyoFile is an independent, nonprofit news service focused on the people, places and policy of Wyoming.

Recognizing the rapid decline in resources among traditional news outlets, WyoFile offers supplemental in-depth coverage of complicated subjects and issues ranging from tax policy to trends in Wyoming culture. Designed as a one-stop venue for Wyoming news, WyoFile produces regular commentary and analysis as well as daily summaries and links to important Wyoming-related stories in the state and national press.

If you are interested in writing for WyoFile, please review our submission guidelines and send your pitch to [email protected]