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Marijuana advocates deserve seat at legislative table

Wyoming legislators, including Interim Judiciary Committee chairman Leland Christensen (R-Alta), are forcing ill residents to needlessly suffer, rejecting credible revenue sources, and refusing to listen to opposing views about marijuana legalization.

Democracy: What A Mess

If there is a less coherent system than ours for selecting those who govern, it’s probably in “Game of Thrones”, which is such a labyrinth of intrigue that even the author can’t find his way to a finish.

The right job is hard to find in Wyoming

Reliable employment that’s capable of supporting a middle class family lifestyle is hard to come by in Wyoming, but wages are soaring for top earners in the public and private sectors.
Sara Domek walks in the Oregon Buttes Wilderness Study Area in Sweetwater County. A new study looks at the economic impact of non-motorized activities like hiking, on BLM land. (Nick Dobric)

Quiet recreation has an economic roar

Quiet, non-motorized recreation such as climbing, hiking and biking on Bureau of Land Management land, supports more than 1,000 jobs and brings in more than $112 million annually to Wyoming.

Putting the aw(e) back in auditing

Having written about the Wyoming State Auditor in a previous column, and received a summons to her office as a result, Geoffrey O’Gara decided he ought to learn what the elected position actually entails. Turns out the auditor “spends the money.”