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Lander’s good “problems” are growing

Last week, hundreds of climbers gathered in Lander for the International Climbers' Festival. To the untrained eye a rock is a rock and a boulder is simply a big rock. But to the eyes of the climbers, a rock has potential, and a boulder is a puzzle.

Samoas or Shake-ups?

When the Wyoming Department of Health cut the number of contractors who can administer the state's Prevention Enhancement Grant, Greg Kearney wasn't the only one who saw an opening.

Just a Guess

Political cartoonist Greg Kearney draws a conclusion about precautionary fashion statements and Wyoming residency.

O' Canada

Political cartoonist Greg Kearney sings a Wyoming-inspired homage to the Canadian national anthem based on (relatively) low prices at the pump.

Warning System

Greg Kearney applies the old adage about a "canary in a coal mine" to the precarious position of Wyoming's sage grouse population.

Fringe Benefit

Employers are being pressured to pursue safer practices and be held more accountable for proven negligence. Greg Kearney thinks some of them would prefer another option.

An Aspirin A Day…

Greg Kearney offers up his take on Foster Friess' recent controversial comments on Congress' birth control battles.

Wyoming’s poor need higher wages, not drug-testing for “welfare”

This year, a bill was introduced — eventually defeated — to require Wyoming’s poor to submit to drug-testing as a condition to receiving public aid. Rodger McDaniel, former director of the Wyoming Department of Family Services believes it isn't an issue about money, but people.