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Sara Domek walks in the Oregon Buttes Wilderness Study Area in Sweetwater County. A new study looks at the economic impact of non-motorized activities like hiking, on BLM land. (Nick Dobric)

Quiet recreation has an economic roar

Quiet, non-motorized recreation such as climbing, hiking and biking on Bureau of Land Management land, supports more than 1,000 jobs and brings in more than $112 million annually to Wyoming.

Putting the aw(e) back in auditing

Having written about the Wyoming State Auditor in a previous column, and received a summons to her office as a result, Geoffrey O’Gara decided he ought to learn what the elected position actually entails. Turns out the auditor “spends the money.”

Winter shoot

Who says documentary video production isn’t a blast? What could be more fun than gripping a Sony camera with frostbitten fingers while trudging across a snowy field where, with the temperature at 12 below. Oh, the glamour!