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U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis on Royalty in Kind

Rep Cynthia Lummis

Wyoming’s U.S. Rep Cynthia Lummis responded to WyoFile questions on Royalty in Kind via e-mail through her press secretary Ryan Taylor.

Here are the WyoFile questions and Lummis’ responses:

WyoFile: What is Rep. Lummis’ opinion of draft …

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal on Royalty in Kind

(Telephone Interview with WyoFile editor Rone Tempest, June 3,2009)

WyoFile: On October 6, 2005, the then Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners (Gov. Freudenthal; Treasurer Cynthia Lummis; Sec. of State Joseph Meyer; Auditor Max Maxfield and Supt.  Of Public Instruction Jim …

Editorial: WyoFile Calls for Reform of Severance Tax

Get Involved! Ask Your Lawmaker for Change Here!

Wyoming has not raised its basic severance tax for oil, gas, and coal for 28 years.

WyoFile would like to see that change.

Right now, Wyoming seems to be pretending that the …

A Quick History Of American Severance Taxes

Severance tax collections evolve in stages that depend upon price, the amount of mineral left in the ground, and the shape of a state’s finances.

In America, severance taxes began in Texas in 1905, then re-appeared Michigan and Louisiana in …

Misguided Midnight Madness: Interior's Oil Shale Revival

Casper — Watching Wyoming voters line up out the polling-place doors earlier this month, in lusty support of the “drill baby drill” philosophy of natural resource management, one recalls the bumper sticker prayer from our economically stagnant 1980s and 90s: …