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First Amendment: "A Document for All Seasons."

UPDATE: 4:30pm (MT), 4/30/10Casper--"To be a free people, we must have the courage to exercise our constitutional rights," Chief Wyoming US District Judge William F. Downes said at the conclusion of his oral ruling this week ordering the University of Wyoming to let former Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers speak on campus. "To be a prudent people, we have to protect the rights of others, recognizing that that is the best guarantor of our own rights."

Wyoming’s Mystery Man: C.J. Box on Top

C.J. Box walks into the Beartrap Café wearing a baseball cap, Carhartt jacket, jeans, and low-riding hiking shoes. He greets Margaret, the owner, and nods to her two dogs as they wander in. He orders a cheese-steak and iced tea. And he points to a spot at the bar where he likes to catch Nuggets games.

Caps & Coal The Wyoming-California Connection

In the summer of 2008, Wyoming’s governor, Dave Freudenthal, went to California for meetings with state officials and utility executives. What he brought was, quite literally, a burning question.California was in the throes of putting together the nation’s first...

Subdividing the West: Wyoming at Planning Crossroads

Property owners like the Banburys are at the center of an ongoing debate over land use and planning in Wyoming, a state protective of private property and the rights of owners to do what they want with their land. On the one hand, the Banburys have a clear vision of what is special about the state. On the other, their new house is in a ranchette subdivision, just the kind of development that some feel threatens the Wyoming dream.

Gov Dave’s Long Goodbye Poses Problems for Wyoming Democrats

Laramie–The decision by Governor Dave Freudenthal not to seek a third term has dramatically changed the contest for the state’s chief executive.  The Cheyenne Tribune-Eagle reported the three announced Republican candidates saying “Freudenthal’s departure from the gubernatorial race does not …

Feds Gone Wild

On a cold, blustery January 28, 2009, the newly appointed Secretary of the Interior of the United States, Ken SalazarWith him were two men: Interior’s Inspector General Earl Devaney, a former Secret Service agent and police officer, and Salazar’s chief of staff Tom Strickland, the former U.S. attorney for Colorado.

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