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Wyoming is known for its natural landscapes, wildlife and rich history. WyoFile often explores the state’s characters, history, secret hideaways, small towns and more famous features of our great state.


Winter shoot

Who says documentary video production isn’t a blast? What could be more fun than gripping a Sony camera with frostbitten fingers while trudging across a snowy field where, with the temperature at 12 below. Oh, the glamour!
William Henry Jackson took "Photographing in high places" in 1872. WyoFile reporter Angus Thuermer rephotographed the spot more than 100 years later and first published the new image in the Jackson Hole News. (Angus M. Thuermer Jr.)

Photographing in high places

Bradly J. Boner's forthcoming book ___ will be an exciting addition to the ever growing collection of works dedicated to the world's first National Park. But William Henry Jackson made photographs beyond Yellowstone's borders as well, and Boner isn't alone in trying to recreate them.