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WyoFile’s Wyoming: In Katrina’s Wake,The Roost in Pavillion

PAVILLION—With its gravel parking lot and façade of rough-hewn planks, the restaurant known as Ginny’s Roost looks right at home in this remote ranching town of fewer than 200 people—a good place for a beer and a burger, perhaps, but probably not a candidate for the Michelin Guide. The bulletin board inside the door seems to confirm that first impression: It’s covered with thumb-tacked ads for farriers, boot repair, and a barrel race at the nearby rodeo grounds, with proceeds to benefit a local horse breeder who was injured by falling hay bales.

The Trappers’ Point Antelope Trail – A Precarious Wildlife Corridor

Pinedale— Trappers’ Point lies on an unassuming knoll along Highway 191, about six miles west of Pinedale proper. According to a large wooden sign at the top of the hill, “Trappers, traders and Indians from throughout the west here met the trade wagons from the east to barter, trade for furs, gamble, drink, frolic, pray, and scheme.” Between 1833 and 1840 this was the site of a half-dozen rendezvous.

Wind River Tribes Win Big Voting Rights Case

Lander—A federal court decision ordering Fremont County to scrap its system of electing commissioners on a county-wide basis is a major victory for Native Americans who have long complained they are under-represented on the county

WyoFile’s Wyoming: An Insider’s Guide – The Vore Buffalo Jump

The Vore Buffalo Jump near here is primal, rough and endowed with all the ambiance of open pit iron mine. On a November day at the site there is no sound except the whine of rubber on Interstate 90 a mere 100 yards away.A sign warns: Please do not tease the rattlesnakes.

"Did You Hear About Wyoming’s Film Woes?"

By Laton McCartney

New York, NY __The just-released movie “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” is supposed to be set in Wyoming.  The ever-hopeful Wyoming Film Office, the bureau that tries to attract lucrative Hollywood projects to the state, desperately …

Meeteetse Chocolatier

Tim Kellogg is a Meeteetse ranch hand and bronc rider who is building an international reputation as a maker of fine chocolates. His chocolate shop is on Meeteetse’s rustic main drag in the old Broken Spoke Café building. Our correspondent caught up with Kellogg in Paris, where he was attending the prestigious Salon du Chocolat.

Mad Dog and The Pilgrim Booksellers

If you blink once or your attention drifts for an instant on the two-lane highway between Muddy Gap and Lander, Wyoming, you may miss one of the world’s great road signs, a weathered, wooden square flanked by an American flag: “Old Books Fresh Eggs For Sale”.