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Public policy shapes quality of life, and it tends to serve those who are most involved. From health, education and evolving social mores, WyoFile reports on what drives policy and examines what’s at stake.

Gov. Matt Mead begins his 2017 State of the State speech to the Legislature on Jan. 11. At the time he told lawmakers it was not necessary to make further cuts. In a Feb. 10 interview with WyoFile, the governor said he was worried by what he’d seen in the supplemental budget bill thus far.  (Andrew Graham/WyoFile)

Mead calls Legislature’s spending cuts unnecessary

The Legislature’s proposed budget cuts are unnecessary and could hurt Wyoming citizens and slow efforts to diversify the state’s economy, Gov. Matt Mead said in an interview Friday.

Mead again said he does not believe Wyoming citizens have felt the

County clerks from various parts of the state testified Jan. 26 before a House committee on a series of bills regulating absentee voting. Their opposition to HB68, which extended the time period for counting absentee ballots, prompted many representatives to vote against the bill when it reached the House floor Monday. (Andrew Graham/WyoFile)

House kills bill extending count of absentee ballots

The Wyoming House on Monday killed a bill that would have extended the period for counting absentee ballots.

House Corporations Committee Chairman Dan Zwonitzer (R, HD-43, Cheyenne) sponsored HB68 that would have required county clerks to count absentee ballots received