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RT Cox resigns

RT Cox, a well-known lawyer in Gillette, an initial member of WyoFile’s board of directors, and for 2.5 years the author of The Sage Grouse column for WyoFile, has resigned his positions with WyoFile, effective June 13, due to his …

The thrill is in the deal

The Sage Grouse wonders if the $6 billion spent on U.S. elections is less about who has the best public policy ideas and more about "the thrill of the deal."

Eating Crow?

CROW worries, correctly, that candidates who run as Republicans are really not clones of Cotton Mather. In many counties in this state if you want to be in theWyoming legislature, you are more likely to be elected if you run as a Republican, regardless of whether you want to be one.

What is all this frackin’ nonsense?

The big controversy about fracking does not revolve around negligent practices once the fluid is sucked out of the well and sent to disposal. The controversy which worries so many people is manufactured: people who understand nothing about geology and engineering perpetuate the myth that fracking shales at 8,000 to 10,000 feet down will contaminate public water supplies which are usually found at depths of less than 1,000 feet.

Your Choice: Art or Propaganda?

Earlier this year the legislature suggested that the pending renovation of Half Acre gym at UW include murals glorifying the mineral industries. The Sage Grouse suggests searching "all facets of life and landscape in Wyoming" to find suitable material.

Synfuels Plants

The Sage Grouse ponders the feasibility of coal-to-gas plants in Wyoming, wondering whether they're worth the trouble.

What Is Insurance?

The basic principle of casualty and liability insurance is sound: make sure that every business venture has a pool of money to cover losses suffered by the insured (casualty insurance) and third party victims (liability insurance). The result: a broad slice of society shares the cost of creating a fund to protect the injured.