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Annie Proulx's new Red Desert book

Author Annie Proulx

Photographer Martin Stupich

This book is not intended as another plea to save the greater Red Desert. Many tries for conservation by people who love the place have come and gone over the decades, defeated by the …

R.I.P.: Casper Star-Tribune Free Obituaries

Selected Star-Tribune Obituaries, Click Here
A Piece of Modern-Day Wyoming History

The World After Newspaper Obits, a companion piece.

“He loved to play the harmonica, listen to the police scanner, and draw cabins with scenery.” ¬¨From the June 8, 2008 …

Teapot Dome Redux

Warren Harding

Dubois — How is a more than a century old oil scandal relevant today? Let us count the ways.

In March, 1921, Warren G. Harding, was sworn in as our twenty-ninth President. A former U.S. Senator from Ohio …

Teapot Dome Scandal Excerpt: Marines Invade Wyoming

Book Excerpt: Marines Invade Wyoming

From the Halls of Motazuma to the Oil Fields of Teapot Dome

In April, 1922 Albert Bacon Fall, President Harding’s Secretary of the Interior, secretly leased the rich Teapot Oil field north Casper to a …

A Powerful Event in Cheyenne, Roughnecks Lose Round in House

Reader Reactions

Journalists are supposed to investigate and expose public servants, we’re supposed to remind them that they’re being watched. But the atmosphere in Wyoming’s state capitol so heavily favors the powerful oil and gas industry that it can be …

A Whiff of Wyoming Injustice, Fairness for Our Fallen Workers

Author Alexandra Fuller

I am about as unlikely an advocate for Wyoming roughnecks’ rights as you could find. For one thing, I’m a writer — hardly a dangerous profession (unless you consider caffeine overdose or a paper-cut dangerous). For another …