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The boot doctor

In his years as as a certified pedorthist at Jackson Hole Sports, Stephen McDonald has seen it all.

Winter Camping

Many of us in Wyoming enjoy camping in the great outdoors, but could you handle camping in the dead of winter?

Small insects, big lessons

Every summer, researchers come to the Absaroka Mountains to count grizzly bears at 53 moth sites. This year, they noticed something different.

Your Outdoor Gift Guide

We’ve asked experts from Wyoming’s outdoor retailers for suggestions on accessories and clothing to go with your loved one’s favorite sport.

Hungry to help

Shelli Johnson has always liked things that are hard — often picking the more challenging route in life on purpose. A goal-oriented person, she’s motivated by her curiosity.

Trail Angels

We don’t know who they are, or where they are from. They didn’t save our lives, but they saved us hours of frustration and provided a good reminder of mountain karma.