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Philanthropists, members of nonprofit organizations and others gathered at the National Museum of Wildlife Art just outside Jackson on Monday to find out how much Old Bill’s Fun Run raised in 2017.

Operated by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities is an annual fall event that sees nonprofits exhibit their programs at booths on the Jackson Town Square during a recreational running race. The 27-year-old Community Foundation has been seeking to boost and improve nonprofits with workshops, grants and educational programs, among other things.

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Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities has operated for 21 years, starting with a donation by an anonymous couple that provided a partial match to other donations made through the program. In the course of the event, Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, as they are known, have contributed $10.5 million in matching funds.

This year, 3,798 donors contributed gifts. The effort raised $12.2 million for 2017. Since its inception, Old Bill’s donors have given $146 million. WyoFile-Teton County participated in the event for the first time this year.

In the photograph of the awards ceremony, above, attendees hear organizers recognize some of those who were instrumental in 2017 programs, including those nominated as volunteer of the year.

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