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The Fishbowl

Those who frequent the Center for the Arts in Jackson have come to call the campus’s glass-encased courtyard “The Fishbowl.” That moniker inspired artist Bland Hoke to create an installation that will occupy the space until spring.

During that time, Hoke expects temporary additions and programs to augment the giant goldfish, he said in a statement. These will “add depth and clarity to the project,” Hoke wrote.

In case one needs guidance on how to enjoy the work, the artist statement obliges. “The Fishbowl navigates the margins of wonder and simplicity to spark the imagination and maybe a smile or two.”

In the photograph, Alyson Klaczkiewicz and daughter Kaia chat about the wondrous view.

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Hoke’s Bland Designs LLC specializes in public-space projects and the artist’s work appears across the valley, from the Jackson Hole Airport to open fields near community pathways. The fabric goldfish is suspended by wires and kept inflated with a forced-air system.

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