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What is all this frackin’ nonsense?

The big controversy about fracking does not revolve around negligent practices once the fluid is sucked out of the well and sent to disposal. The controversy which worries so many people is manufactured: people who understand nothing about geology and engineering perpetuate the myth that fracking shales at 8,000 to 10,000 feet down will contaminate public water supplies which are usually found at depths of less than 1,000 feet.

A debate about oil field social responsibility

A debate about oil field social responsibility


Hey fellow travelers:

How often does a conversation with one of your oldest friends include these invectives:  “You are a *&%$$$# socialist,” followed by “What!! You ****, you sound just like Mitt …

Keystone pipeline would benefit Wyo oil producers

Oil pipeline capacity is a challenge that Wyoming officials wish to have as they look across the Colorado border with a bit of rig-envy at momentum building in Colorado’s Niobrara shale oil play. As reported in the Colorado Independent, Houston-based Anadarko Petroluem now says it may be sitting on nearly 1 billion barrels of shale oil along the Colorado Front Range.

Niobrara Confidential

Investors and royalty owners itching to see initial production results from exploratory Niobrara oil wells may see a logjam of information released after the first of the year.Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission supervisor Tom Doll explained that several wells have exceeded the agency’s 6-month confidentiality period but information about those wells remains out of the public's hands.