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Energy policy: Take it from Wyoming

In reality, the question we must wrestle with is how much environmental degradation are we willing to accept on our public lands and in the air we breath? It appears that Wyoming’s elected leaders do not want to have that conversation. Instead, Gov. Mead and his fellow Republican governors put out a “state-centric” energy policy for the entire nation — a hubristic approach to energy policy for a nation that the world looks to for leadership.

An energy blueprint for America

In an op-ed, Gov. Matt Mead and Gov. Bob McDonnell roll out their plan for "a sensible, comprehensive energy policy."

The thrill is in the deal

The Sage Grouse wonders if the $6 billion spent on U.S. elections is less about who has the best public policy ideas and more about "the thrill of the deal."

Mad as Hell?

Mad as Hell?

Remember the movie “Network”? Faye Dunaway and Peter Finch: “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Any More.”

The housing collapse, Fannie Mae collapse, AIG $100-plus billion credit default swap collapse, Lehman Brothers …

This May Be The Last Time

The tea party folks are acting a bit like lemmings, friends. But, what’s a mere cliff in the course of life’s journeys? The debt ceiling increase was predestined, even required, by the last Congressional budget. Michele, Ron Paul, Eric the spoiled three-year-old, dudes, friends, you already voted to increase the debt when you approved the budget. Read my lips: You Are Toast. Burnt Toast.