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Reclamation aint easy, and drought doesn't help

The challenge of reseeding and general surface reclamation in this arid environment can be a major roadblock for energy development in Wyoming. Thousands of acres of surface are scraped bare and otherwise disturbed for drilling locations for oil and natural gas, and Wyoming's coal mining industry strips so much of the surface you can see it from space.

Wyoming steps up enforcement on energy industries

The commission, by delaying definitive action for two years, also risked human health and the environment in Wyoming. Violations of our environmental protections are serious and demand action. Oil and gas operations can even operate within regulatory boundaries and still create hazards.

Wyoming deploys strategy to battle ozone

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality on Thursday made public its Ozone Strategy, a requirement of the federal “non-attainment” designation applied to the Sublette County area due to multiple wintertime ozone events that threatened human health. According to DEQ, the spikes in ground-level ozone were triggered by the presence of air pollutants from the Pinedale Anticline and Jonah natural gas fields.