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Future of full-scale energy development in Wyoming may rely on ‘ecological currency’

Smart folks from both the industrial and conservation sides of the equation find themselves agreeing that there’s no more ground to give on degradation of the environment. Backers of the mitigation banking idea say industrial activity must be leveraged into active and quantifiable conservation and habitat improvement, or the hammer of the Endangered Species Act and other federal laws will indiscriminately put the pinch on all parties.

Oil and gas lobby overstates job potential

Most of these good jobs that WEA promises are hard to fill and even more difficult to keep filled. When it comes to these drilling locations, “it’s a revolving door,” testified Don Burkhart, adding that there's a lot of inexperienced workers in the field.

Industry’s fracking problem

All the fuss about fracking centers on two things; the proliferation of oil and gas drilling in and around our drinking water aquifers, and the ability to figure out whether those activities taint the water. People who discover potentially toxic chemicals in their water want to know if they’re coming from oil and gas activities.

Widow of a fallen Wyoming worker speaks

Widow of a fallen Wyoming worker speaks

There’d been a fire at the rig that had gone unreported. The drilling company allegedly failed to conduct all the required inspections before putting the rig back into operation. On February 19, 2007, …

EPA Finds Compound Used in Fracking in Wyoming Aquifer

Reprinted with permission from ProPublica. Not for republication by Wyoming media.

As the country awaits results from a nationwide safety study on the natural gas drilling process of fracking, a separate government investigation into contamination in a place where residents …