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Wyoming steps up enforcement on energy industries

The commission, by delaying definitive action for two years, also risked human health and the environment in Wyoming. Violations of our environmental protections are serious and demand action. Oil and gas operations can even operate within regulatory boundaries and still create hazards.

Industry’s fracking problem

All the fuss about fracking centers on two things; the proliferation of oil and gas drilling in and around our drinking water aquifers, and the ability to figure out whether those activities taint the water. People who discover potentially toxic chemicals in their water want to know if they’re coming from oil and gas activities.

Wyoming escapes ozone season, but not ozone problem

Wyoming escapes ozone season, but not ozone problem

Pinedale area residents can breathe easy now that the wintertime ozone season has passed without any exceedences of the federal 8-hour ozone threshold. Just as nice, it appears Wyoming may have also …

O' Canada

Political cartoonist Greg Kearney sings a Wyoming-inspired homage to the Canadian national anthem based on (relatively) low prices at the pump.

Wyoming's fracking chemical disclosure requirements draw lawsuit

Wyoming's public disclosure requirements for hydraulic fracturing chemicals were once hailed by environmentalists as the best in the country. But environmental groups are suing after saying Wyoming's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has undermined its own achievement by allowing so many companies to hide their ingredients.