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Burning coal in your home is not a good idea

This morning I received an email from a person who was worried about friends on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who might be freezing. She wrote, "I have Indian friends on the Pine Ridge Reservation in southern South Dakota who are freezing and they wanted to come to Gillette or another city you may recommend and bring their own pickup trucks and get some coal donated to their tribe."

Wyoming's AML revenue stream slowing to a trickle

Wyoming has been successful in mitigating abandoned coal mine problems, but it continues to receive large amounts of funding from the Abandoned Mine Lands Fund. That money has been spent on a variety of non-mine projects, from infrastructure to research.

Wyoming cautiously reviews insurance exchanges

There are approximately 83,000 uninsured people in Wyoming — a situation that puts families at risk of illness, bankruptcy and death — and an insurance exchange could make insurance more affordable for both small employers and their workers.