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Oil and gas lobby overstates job potential

Most of these good jobs that WEA promises are hard to fill and even more difficult to keep filled. When it comes to these drilling locations, “it’s a revolving door,” testified Don Burkhart, adding that there's a lot of inexperienced workers in the field.

Are Feds Slowing Oil and Gas Permitting?

Of the seven major oil and gas EISs now in the works in Wyoming, none have gotten to the “draft” stage. Once a draft is issued, stakeholders can better predict when the process might be completed. But in the early stages of the process, Ulrich said the scope and detail of the analysis seems to have greatly expanded.“More and more is analyzed under the umbrella of an EIS,” said Ulrich, adding that the analysis includes more air pollutants than before, and more animal species.

Wyoming’s next wave of natural gas drilling

Wyoming’s next wave of natural gas drilling

Pristine to Polluted | More Wells, Fewer Emissions | Next Wave of Natural Gas

It may seem counter-intuitive to propose some 21,000 new wells in Wyoming at time when natural gas prices are …