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Taxes and Fairness

"The Democratic idea of increasing capital gains taxes so that rich people pay as much, theoretically, percentage-wise, as working people, gets a lot of press and makes little sense."

Abel lost long ago, Cain loses now

Abel lost long ago, Cain loses now


Folks, we in Wyoming were maybe not that far from the Great Fall, the exit from the Garden of Eden, preceding or during the era of the great coal deposits lately discovered …

'The Dave' Roast

Actually, the event we attended was the Roast of Governor Dave, a hugely successful event. Al Simpson, Tom Buchanan, Mike Sullivan, Pete Williams, Terry Cleveland and Rob Hurless piled it on; I literally was in pain from laughter. For extra measure Gov. Dave’s wife Nancy added to the punishment. It was great sport. Gov Dave took the podium and dished it back extemporaneously in great style.