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WyoFile board member Loring Woodman landed a woodtrout in his back yard in Wilson. (Loring Woodman)

Gone Fishing Week II

WyoFile has gone fishing, reprising favorite stories about Muslims in Gillette, ice-patch archeology in Yellowstone and a new bison warning flier.
Unlike many tourist destinations around the world, there are no handrails to save visitors from themselves in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. (Photo by Craig Bromley)

Travel tips and tipping points

Global wealth and population growth have sparked a lowest common denominator homogenization of the real world’s travel destinations, but there are alternatives.
Vehicles queued for admission to Yellowstone National Park are an increasingly common sight. Park visitation is up 15 percent in 2016 with the busy summer months yet to come. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service)

Waiting game

Yellowstone National Park visitation is up 15% in 2016 with the busy summer months yet to come.
Travis Walker (American, b. 1976), Paragliders, 2004. Acrylic on Canvas. 54 x 54 inches. Private Collection. (Courtesy of National Museum of Wildlife Art)

An artist’s view of the Tetons

Travis Walker's painting Paragliders is among many visual artists' interpretations of Grand Teton National Park featured in "Grand Teton National Park in Art", an exhibition at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.