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Women’s Expo

Two days out of the year women around the state gather for wine, hors d’oeuvres, free health screenings, motivational speakers and more at the Wyoming Women’s Expo in Casper, founded in 2005.

This year’s expo, titled “Live, Love, Sparkle,” launched Oct. 6 with a professional development day with opening remarks from University of Wyoming President Laurie Nichols. Presentations followed on integrating confidence and positivity into one’s life, the importance of finding one’s voice, and how to effectively use persuasion to overcome difficult situations. The day ended with comedian Jan McInnis.

Women roamed the Casper Events Center to visit some of the more than 130 nonprofit and vendor booths.

The event attracts a sphere of attendees whose interests range from networking to exploring fashion trends. Some attend to connect with influential women and organizations in the state while others prefer to indulge in a “girls night out” with speciality cocktails. Some are drawn by both.

Despite the motivation to attend, women around the state look forward to the Wyoming Women’s Expo as a weekend to laugh, connect with other women and leave feeling inspired.

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