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Columns | Weed Draw

Weed Draw is a biweekly column by Geoffrey O’Gara. The people who live, work and play in Wyoming are as rugged and interesting as its landscape. O’Gara tells their stories in plain and, often, amusing ways.

Travel tips and tipping points

Global wealth and population growth have sparked a lowest common denominator homogenization of the real world’s travel destinations, but there are alternatives.

Democracy: What A Mess

If there is a less coherent system than ours for selecting those who govern, it’s probably in “Game of Thrones”, which is such a labyrinth of intrigue that even the author can’t find his way to a finish.

Putting the aw(e) back in auditing

Having written about the Wyoming State Auditor in a previous column, and received a summons to her office as a result, Geoffrey O’Gara decided he ought to learn what the elected position actually entails. Turns out the auditor “spends the money.”

Winter shoot

Who says documentary video production isn’t a blast? What could be more fun than gripping a Sony camera with frostbitten fingers while trudging across a snowy field where, with the temperature at 12 below. Oh, the glamour!

Wyoming Legislature has run out of ideas

While we weren’t paying attention, the 90 legislators in Cheyenne devised ways to spend about $3 billion a year, fueled by 18 years of revenues from an energy boom. Here are eight ideas to keep them busy now that the boom has busted.